Sunday, July 2, 2017

Abstract (True Freedom)

July 02, 2017 - "Abstract (True Freedom)"

Some of us who believe ourselves to be free are actually quite confined, restricted, and restrained. We deny it, of course, but we have sacrificed true freedom for the sake of conformity.

Some of us who believe ourselves to be confined, restricted, and restrained are actually quite free. We don't realize it, of course, because we lack the faith - perhaps in ourselves - to reach out and share the beauty we know inside.

Share the beauty of what you know inside... share the seeds of what you know to be 'true'.

Yes - some of the seed will fall on the path and be eaten up quickly by the birds. Some will fall on rocky ground with little soil - it WILL grow, but will be scorched by the sun... wither... and die, because it did not have deep enough roots. Some of the seeds will fall among thorns and be choked as they grow. Yet some will fall on rich soil and will grow to produce an abundance of fruit... and, perhaps, encourage someone else to reach out and share the beauty they will then know... the seeds of what they will know to be 'true'.

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