Friday, January 13, 2017

Abstract (Criss-Crossed-And-Diagonal)

January 13, 2017 - "Abstract (Criss-Crossed-And-Diagonal)"

Two nights ago I had a very detailed, very bizarre dream. That's not really that odd... and I've been having such dreams almost every night for quite a while now. Usually there's something that ties it all together... but this time the entire first half of the dream just made no sense to me.

In the beginning I was sitting in a park, cuddling two baby giraffes. They wouldn't stop trying to lick my cheeks.

A while later I was talking with a one-armed astronaut who, for some strange reason, was wearing his space suit and trying to ride a bicycle that didn't have any pedals - so he wasn't getting anywhere.

The next part had to do with sitting in a restaurant eating Mexican food while watching Charlie Sheen movies - and I seem to remember there being something to do with Ostriches trying to get into the restaurant.

It was the last part of the dream that was the important part though. It was the last part of the dream that really meant something.

In that part of the dream I was at some sort of a carnival with my Dad. It was just the two of us - I don't even remember there being any people walking around or on the rides or anything like that - but it was night and the colorful carnival lights were on and the rides were all running as if there were people on them.

My Dad was in his wheelchair - but he looked really good... he looked really healthy, like he did about 15 or 20 years ago. He wasn't frail in the slightest... his features were "full". He was smiling like crazy and was extremely talkative, but we weren't really talking about anything important.

He was "glowing". I can't really explain how that looked... it wasn't like there was some sort of glowing light or aura around him or anything like that - he was just noticeably brighter than he should have been in comparison to me and everything that was around us. It was like someone had edited him Adobe Lightroom with the brush tool - and made his exposure a full stop brighter than everything else.

We were roaming around the carnival together, and suddenly I seemed to come to the realization that he wasn't supposed to be there with me, because he has been dead for almost three months now. There was a brief moment of me remembering what he looked like after he died - when his body was still in the bed at the nursing home. I looked at him sitting there in the chair smiling at me, and told him that he was dead. It seemed to be kind of surprising to him... and he realized that if he was dead he had no reason to be sitting in the wheelchair anymore. He stood up without any sort of strain or effort... and his wheelchair disappeared.

I heard a noise coming from behind me... a loud, muscle-car-like engine. A red 1970s Corvette Stingray pulled up next to us... and when the driver stepped out, it was my brother Peter - who died over a year and-a-half ago. He was glowing too - jut like my Dad. He looked really good, actually. He was all dressed up in a suit and tie. He looked a bit younger and thinner than he was when he had died. His hair wasn't gray at all... and it was long, but he had it pulled back. He was clean-shaven, and didn't have the little soul-patch that he had when he died.

He looked at me and gave me a really goofy smile - then he nodded towards my Dad, saying "You ready, Pop?". My Dad reached over and hugged me... then got into the Corvette, which was now white instead of red.

My brother looked at me again... smiled... gave short little giggle-like laugh, then got back into the car. They drove off - and as they drove away I could see the license plate very clearly. It was an all-white plate with blue letters that said "ANGEL" - which is my sister-in-law's name.

Suddenly I was standing in an empty parking garage that was very bright. There was no carnival or anything else around me... just the emptiness of the parking garage.

Then my alarm went off and jolted me awake. That was the end of it.

What does any of this have to do with today's photograph?

Absolutely nothing. The photograph is just a close-up of part of the domed indoor sports complex between Danbury and Bethel. Nothing special. Nothing significant.

Or is it?

*   *   *

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