Friday, December 30, 2016

366 Project - Day 365 - "The Gift"

December 30, 2016 - "The Gift"

I collect religious art/objects.

Or, as my wife Holly and quite a few of my friends would say, I collect "Freaky Religious Stuff".

The collection ranges from things like statues and framed artwork - to Rosaries and Last Rites/Sick Call sets. I have items that are almost 100 years old... and items that are relatively new. The collection keeps growing and growing... and I sometimes joke that I'm going to take over one room of the house just to display it all - and maybe get an old organ and lots of candles and sit in there at night playing "Amazing Grace" - sort of a mix of Margaret White from the Stephen King book/film "Carrie" - and Esmeralda from the Tim Burton movie "Edward Scissorhands" - but a much "happier" and less "demented" version of the two.

Anyway - my very dear friends Lenny & Kristin know of my love for such things... and have contributed several pieces to the collection over the years. The subject of today's photo is one such piece... which was my Christmas gift from them this year. It's an AWESOME 3-in-1 image that changes based on the angle from which you view it. The main scene is an icon-like version of The Last supper. The second scene is of The Crucifixion. The third scene is of Christ the Shepherd. If you look at the piece from just the right angle, you get hints of all three scenes at once - superimposed over one another.

It's an absolutely wonderful addition to the collection - and pairs very well with the non-religious, yet equally AWESOME "Velvet Elvis" they gave me for Christmas several years ago. I don't think Holly is very happy about it though... so, who knows - I just might be one step closer to getting my own room full of "freaky religious stuff"!

Now if only I could find a nice organ!

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