Wednesday, November 2, 2016

366 Project - Day 307 - "(delete)"

November 02, 2016 - "(delete)"

As many of you already know, I do NOT support either of the presidential candidates. Actually, even before the primaries, there wasn't a single candidate with either party that I felt I could give 100% support to.

After the primary elections were over, I wrote to all of the candidates for each office that is up for election. In addition to President of the United States, my little corner of the state will be voting for one of our two U.S. Senators... plus our Representative in the House as well as the State Senator and State Representative for our district.  That makes for a total of five offices and twelve candidates (including the Vice Presidential running-mates, that is).

I sent each and every one of them letters expressing concerns over certain issues and criticizing certain voting records and/or political positions they have taken. The responses were quite surprising!

Out of the eight candidates for the four state-level offices, I received a total of six responses - two from Democrats and four from Republicans. All four of the Republican responses were form-letter replies which said pretty much the same thing: "We've received your message and appreciate your bringing your concerns to our attention." That's it. No real interaction. No "agreeing" or "disagreeing" with anything I wrote - yet no indication that what I wrote would have an impact in any way, shape or form. Both of the Democratic responses were also form-letter replies saying pretty much the same thing as each other - yet this time it was a justification for their position and how they felt it would be "wrong" for them to vote against the 2016 Democratic Platform.

Out of the four candidates (including running-mates) for the Presidency, I received responses from only two. On the Presidential-side I only heard back from the office of Secretary Hillary Clinton. On the Vice-Presidential-side I only heard back from the office of Governor Mike Pence. With Gov. Pence it was, once again, a typical form-letter response... again basically saying "Thank you for your message and your concerns." Not much else to it. With Secretary Clinton, however, the response was "Thank you for your support - and welcome to 'Team Hillary'!". This kind of confused me, because - just as with my letters to all of the other candidates - there was absolutely nothing in what I wrote that would even remotely suggest that I was supporting that campaign. Actually, it was quite the opposite. My letters were more along the lines of: "Here's why I currently feel that I cannot bring myself to support you. Please point me towards information that you feel would convince me otherwise." At least the Clinton campaign responded, though... which is more than I could say for Mr. Trump, who apparently couldn't even be bothered to set up an auto-reply!

The thing is that out of the eight candidates whom I received responses from, I never received any sort of follow-up response from seven of them. On almost a weekly basis, however, I've received e-mails from the Clinton campaign - the contents of which seem to suggest that the campaign assumes that I am a supporter who wants to be kept up-to-date on their goings on.

I still cannot bring myself to support either of the candidates for President of the United States. What will I do once I'm in the voting booth next Tuesday? I don't know. I might just write in a vote for my dog, because she is certainly more qualified and would do a much better job than any of the current candidates (and that includes the third-party candidates as well).

In the meantime - despite repeated attempts to "unsubscribe" - I keep getting e-mails from the Clinton campaign... and I just keep deleting them, because I figured that's what she'd want.

(God help us!)

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