Wednesday, October 5, 2016

366 Project - Day 279 - "Abstract (Treasure)"

October 05, 2016 - "Abstract (Treasure)"

They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. That certainly proved to be the case with this object - a very old ornate wooden window shutter. Many years ago we happened to be at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT one Sunday, right at the time when all of the vendors were packing up their wares and heading out. Some vendors chose to dump items that hadn't sold into the trash bins instead of packing them up again. That was the case with this shutter panel. A man walked over with it and a box of old magazines... and left both alongside an overflowing garbage can. I don't know why - but I fell in love with the wooden panel, which is almost as tall as I am. I took it home... and for years it has been sitting tucked behind a door... waiting for me to find a use for it. That moment came recently, when I had a tall, narrow strip of bare wall that needed "something" to hide the holes where other things had once hung. Then I remembered the wooden shutter panel... dug it out of its hiding place... and hung it in place. It fit perfectly!

Yep... One man's trash is another man's treasure!


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