Monday, September 5, 2016

366 Project - Day 249 - "All Moved In"

September 05, 2016 - "All Moved In"

Well, kiddo... you made it! You're finally here!

I thought that after eighteen years of preparing for this moment, I'd be prepared enough... but I'm not. YOU are, though... and that is all that matters! Then again, I never doubted for one moment that you would be!

Though you've been away from home for week-long vacations in the past, tonight will be the first night you'll truly be "not home". Tonight is the first night of life "out on your own". It will also probably be the night I get the least sleep I've had in eighteen years.

I have no doubt that you are going to do absolutely amazing things in life. You have a talent... a gift, I don't think I've ever seen in anyone else. When you look at any type of art, a lot of people have talent when it comes to the "technique". That's not an uncommon thing... and if someone is really determined to make that happen for themselves they can. When it comes to the "emotional" side of things, however, that is a much rarer gift. Many artists can paint a picture of a vase of sunflowers or a landscape scene. Some even have the talent of the technique at such a high level that they can paint a picture of a vase of sunflowers or landscape scene that is so exact and life-like that you would bet your life it was a photograph, not a painting. That's talent... but it's not a gift. It's not "emotion". Van Gogh couldn't paint a photo-realistic picture of a vase of sunflowers... couldn't paint a "true to life" landscape scene - but he could paint a picture that could move a person to tears when they stand in front of it and allow their eyes to move across every little brush stroke... every color... every shape... every movement... every detail that shows the "emotion" that Van Gogh was actually feeling when he painted that scene.

And that's you, kiddo. Anyone can spend hours and hours learning and memorizing the dance-moves. Not everyone can perform the dance in a way that moves the viewer to tears. You have that gift. I've seen it happen with my own eyes. And it isn't a "courtesy cry", either. It isn't a situation where the people who are watching you dance are being brought to tears because they happen to be your parents or your grandparents or your closest friends or teachers or whatever. I've seen people who had absolutely no clue who you were, brought to tears by the emotion of your dancing.

THAT is true talent. THAT is a gift. THAT is art.

Don't ever lose that!

So - as you enter the wonderful world of waking up in a hectic rush, trying to get dressed, guzzle coffee and grab your stuff at the same time - before running down three flights of stairs and across the campus to make it to class in time - take a moment to lay back in your bed and smile, saying to yourself "I'm here! I made it! I got this!".

Sweet dreams little angel of mine! It's time for you to shine!

I love you, kiddo!

 - Dad

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