Tuesday, August 23, 2016

366 Project - Day 236 - "Abstract (How can I pray for you today?)"

August 23, 2016 - "Abstract (How can I pray for you today?)"

As most people who know me are already well-aware, I spend a good portion of each day in prayer. I have five distinct "prayer moments" every day... with others added as needed.

Upon waking I pray the Lauds (the "Morning Prayers" of the Liturgy of the Hours).

A short while later (when I'm a bit more awake) I spend time praying my personal prayers to begin the day - including prayers of thanksgiving and special prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to my patron saint, St. Joseph. I also pray for others - including special prayers and petitions for family and friends - as well as prayers for our dearly departed and all souls in Purgatory.

In the afternoon I have a longer prayer session... which includes the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a Litany (or two... or three) and more personal prayers and meditation.

In the late afternoon/early-evening I pray the Vespers (the "Evening Prayers" of the Liturgy of the Hours).

Finally, once I'm in bed for the night, I do my daily Examen... then pray the Compline (the "Night Prayers" of the Liturgy of the Hours) - as well as more personal prayers, petitions and thanksgivings before finally shutting off the light and drifting off into sleep.

It's a lot of praying... and I know people who spend two or three times as much time in prayer than I do!

So my simple question is: "How can I pray for YOU today?"

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