Thursday, July 14, 2016

366 Project - Day 196 - "Abstract (Mind the Gap!)"

July 14, 2016 - "Abstract (Mind the Gap!)"

Today has been a long but quiet kind of day. My wife and daughter are in Massachusetts today and tomorrow doing the whole "college orientation" thing. They left around 6:00 this morning. I had to stay behind because, 1) we couldn't bring our son Brandon with us and he can't stay home alone... and 2) someone had to be here to take care of the dog, who is already very upset with Holly and me for having been gone for four days this past weekend.

So it's just Brandon, the dog and me today. For the most part it has been a good day, except for the fact that my brand new travel mug (which I just got last week and absolutely love) cracked this morning. That made me a bit sad, but there are far worse things in life than having your travel mug crack!

I'm trying to get things done... and have actually gotten through 99% of my "To Do" list for the day. The rest will just be added to tomorrow's list though, because I'm much too tired to do any more.

I had to go out on the porch for something and as I was making my way back inside the lines of the metal scaffolding platform that goes with my "Little Giant Ladder" caught my eye. So of course I had to grab my camera and take a shot.

Now, looking at the image, I cant help but think that even the firmest of foundations can have holes in it.

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking "What the heck is he talking about!?!". Let me explain...

Every chapter of our lives involves a bit of "self construction"... and any form of construction requires a firm foundation on which it can be built... otherwise it's just going to fall to the ground sooner or later. So we try to build our lives on the firmest and strongest of foundations that we can.

This scaffolding, when attached to the ladder, becomes a foundation. It's a nice solid metal foundation, right? Yet it has gaps, and therefore it has holes. They may be slim, and the likelihood of me falling through the thin gap of the scaffolding when I stand on it my be next to none - but the gaps ARE there nonetheless. I might not fall through one... but I might find that as I'm walking along the platform, my shoelace gets caught in a gap... and I get pulled backwards and go tumbling down to the ground.

For even the slimmest of gaps is still a hole in the foundation.

The key is to recognize the possibility of gaps and holes in your foundation - not matter how strong or how firm you believe that foundation to be. Recognize the possibility of gaps and holes, because they are the doorways to the things that can pull you backwards and bring you tumbling down in life.

So, as they say on the trains and subways: "Mind the gap!"

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