Friday, July 8, 2016

366 Project - Day 190 - "Virginia (Beginning the Move)"

July 08, 2016 - "Virginia (Beginning the Move)"

Today has been a long day.

We're helping my sister-in-law Angel make her move from Connecticut to North Carolina. Angel, my three nieces - Frannie, Jessica and Liliana - and their dog Mocha are in one car... while my wife Holly, Angel's aunt Lynn and I are following in my niece's car.

The day started off very early, with Holly and me driving from Danbury to Wilton to pick up Aunt Lynn. Then from her house to Angel's house in Norwalk to load up the cars. Our car will stay in Norwalk while we drive Frannie's car to North Carolina. Today's drive will only bring us as far as Richmond, however... where we'll stop for the night before continuing the journey tomorrow.

Today's photo was taken at one of the "Scenic View" stops on the side of the highway in Virginia. So far the ride has gone nice and smoothly... and we're loving the scenery, especially here in Virginia. It has been a beautiful drive!

Tonight we'll be at a hotel in Richmond... maybe grab some Cracker Barrel for dinner... then we'll be waking up early to hit the highway and complete the drive to the new house in Wilmington.

St. Christopher watch over and protect us on our journey!

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