Tuesday, July 5, 2016

366 Project - Day 187 - "Fixing Watches"

July 05, 2016 - "Fixing Watches"

Later today my oldest brother Xavier and sister-in-law Lisa will be coming for a visit and some dinner. In the meantime I'm sitting here working on some watches, trying to keep my hands busy.

It's strange... the Parkinson's has affected many things in my life. My handwriting has become very small, and it takes me a very long time to write even short sentences. I cannot text nearly as fast as I used to be able to. Most of the time I need to brace my hands against something when taking photographs. I cannot draw like I used to, because even if I'm able to stabilize my hand enough to draw, at some point the movement causes me to make a mistake that ends up pissing me off. Fixing watches though - no problem. I'm able to keep my hand steady even when I'm working with screws and gears that are so small I need a magnifier in order to see exactly what I'm doing. I can easily replace the tiniest hands on a chronograph without any problems... but I try to eat soup and sometimes the spoon shakes so much that the soup flies off of it!

So today I'm sitting here working on watches to try to keep my hands busy and to steady and calm myself... and it actually seems to be working. I'm restoring a couple of watches I bought at tag sales which will be flipped on eBay... and also cleaning and restoring one of my brother Peter's watches to give to my brother Xavier when he gets here. (He doesn't know that is happening though)

For a moment I find myself thinking about the fact that the tiniest little ticks of a watch are able to calm the very big ticks Parkinson's brings to my body... and I actually find myself laughing at that. Sometimes it takes something very small to overcome something we view as being very big.


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