Tuesday, April 5, 2016

366 Project - Day 96 - "Friendship and Flowers"

April 05, 2016 - "Friendship and Flowers"

Just a quick shot today... of one of the flowers from the bouquet my dear friend Brooke sent me this past weekend, knowing how tough of a weekend it was going to be for me emotionally. The bouquet definitely brought a very much needed smile!

Brooke and I have been friends for almost a quarter-century now. Our friendship began during our junior year of high school - and has continued through the many years and many moves (we met in Florida... she now lives in Georgia... I live in Connecticut).

Despite her love of the music of Barry Manilow... Despite her love of Starbucks coffee... Despite the fact that she actually likes Thomas Kinkade's paintings... and - perhaps the biggest of them all - Despite the fact that she kinda likes Morrissey - ours is a friendship that will never end!

I love you, my friend!


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