Monday, April 11, 2016

366 Project - Day 102 - "Artwork (But Not Today)"

April 11, 2016 - "Artwork (But Not Today)"

Yesterday I was given a large amount of my brother's artwork. I started to go through it a few minutes ago... but I had to stop.

I saw a few key drawings in the pile... drawings he did back in the very early 1980s... drawings I used to look at over and over and over again, swearing that one day I'd be able to draw as good as Peter was able to. Drawings of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix... as well as drawings of artwork from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and others.

Then I came across the tiny pad of watercolor paper... including one of his paintings from the day he and I sat in the middle of the Housatonic River, sketching and painting the Covered Bridge. It is a day I've referred to on more than one occasion as having been one of the happiest days of my life. It was at that point that I had to stop.

At some point I will go through it all... but not not today.

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