Friday, February 5, 2016

366 Project - Day 36 - "Baseball (Options)"

February 05, 2016 - "Baseball (Options)"

So for the first time ever I'm finding myself looking forward to the start of the baseball season more than the start of some other sport or even the upcoming Super Bowl.

I'm particularly excited that we have tickets to one of the "Mike Piazza Weekend" games at CitiField. My son Brandon and I were both excited about the possibility of going even before we tried to get tickets. It took a little bit of convincing to get my wife to go along with it though... and a bit of it had to do with whether or not our daughter Caitlynn "did" or "didn't" want to go.

So this was basically the presentation I made to my wife:

Option #1: If Caitlynn DOES want to go... we buy four tickets and all four of us go.

Option #2: If Caitlynn DOES NOT want to go... we buy three tickets and you, Brandon and I will go to the game without her.

Option #3: If NEITHER of you really want to go... we buy two tickets and Brandon and I go to the game together by train.

Option #4: We buy four tickets to the game... then sell them on Stub-Hub for a higher price than we paid so we can use the money to buy two tickets in much better seats for some other Mets game later on.

Option #5: We don't buy any tickets to the game... but we go to CitiField anyway, dressed in really dirty beat-up Mets-related clothing and sit outside the stadium with a cardboard sign, begging for tickets. Caitlynn and Brandon will need to have dirty faces and start crying, for added effect.

Option #6: We don't go to a Mets game at all - because we've decided to buy new watches for each of us instead.

Option #7: We don't go to a Mets game at all - because we're going to use the money to get theater-style seating for the living room, so we can get rid of that freakin' uncomfortable couch!

Option #8: We don't go to a Mets game at all - because we're going to use the money to rent a movie theater to watch "JAWS" for a really big "40th Birthday Party" for me in October.

Option #9: We completely stop being Mets fans. Caitlynn becomes a Nun... Brandon joins some sort of religious order that spends their entire life quietly gaming for the Lord... you and I take separate bedrooms (you take the office, because it has better heat... I keep our current bedroom, because of the ceiling fan)... your room will be filled with books and lots of piles of office supplies and canned goods that you got a really good deal on... my room will have a butt-load of freaky religious pictures and statues and candles and I'll sit in there playing the organ which we'd buy using the money we would have spent on Mets tickets.

So yeah... let me know which option we're going to be going with and I'll take it from there.

She came home that night and said "We're going with Option #1"... and that was that. I asked if I could still get the organ... but she said "no".


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