Sunday, December 27, 2015

365 Project - Day 361 - "The Amber Glass"

December 27, 2015 - "The Amber Glass"

People often talk about having a "Happy Place"... a memory they think of when times are bad and everything in life seems to be going wrong.

My "Happy Place" has been the same for years. Actually, now that I realize just how old I am, I realize that it has actually been the same for decades.

My "Happy Place" is standing on the screened-in porch behind my Grandparent's house on a Sunday, with my Dad standing beside me. I reach out and knock on the door... and through the amber glass panels I see a shadow approaching to answer. The door opens, and there stands my Grandmother, smiling. The aroma of her Sunday Gravy pours out the doorway as she gives me a hug and a kiss... and we turn to go inside.

That's it. That's my "Happy Place"... Staring through those amber glass panels, seeing my Grandmother approaching... and knowing that the highlight of my week was about to begin.

Staring through those amber glass panels... or, more accurately - THIS amber glass panel. For today's photo is an abstract shot looking through a piece of the very glass that was once framed by the kitchen door of my Grandparent's house. When the workmen replaced them with clear glass in preparation for the house's sale, I rescued the panels from the trash... wrapped them in a pillowcase and have kept them in a drawer for the last 18 years.

Late last year I sat with my brother Peter talking about these very panels. We talked about framing them and turning them into sun-catchers so we could each have a little reminder of our Grandparents. A little reminder of much happier days.

The plan was for me to come down to Peter's frame shop with the glass and for us to work on them together to have them ready in time for Christmas. Well... due to the busy-ness of everyday life, it never happened. Christmas came and went... January, February and March passed... and on April 1st we lost Peter.

I decided not to let this Christmas pass without completing the project though. I used Peter's glass cutter to cut the panels to fit some pre-made frames... and attached chains to them to allow them to be hung in front of a window. I gave them as Christmas gifts to my brothers Kenny and Xavier... and also made a special one for my Dad to have in his room at the nursing home.

I made one for myself as well... and that is the one in today's photo. It hangs in front of my kitchen window... where I can see the sunlight shining through it each and every day...

... and each and every time I see it I am instantly taken to my "Happy Place"... and it truly is a wonderful place to be!


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