Saturday, November 21, 2015

365 Project - Day 325 - "Angela Mia"

November 21, 2015 - "Angela Mia"


Take one aged Italian-American and add one birthday, holiday, holy day or just about any other day for that matter. Slowly mix in said Italian-American's family members and season with friends to taste. Serve in abundance within a single room, hall, house or back yard. That's how Italian Rum Cake is made.

Well... sort of. I mean, if you happen to live in the Tri-State area and follow that particular recipe an Italian Rum Cake is guaranteed to appear. Some crazy uncle is bound to arrive with one. If not a crazy uncle, than it's probably a very short aunt who likes to squeeze cheeks.

And if you follow that recipe and you happen to live in Southwestern Connecticut - there's a very good chance that said "crazy uncle"/"cheek squeezer" probably got the cake from Angela Mia... and the box is saturated with rum that is pooling up in the corners.

So I guess this time I've become the crazy uncle... as I'm here at Angela Mia's ordering an Italian Rum Cake for a post-Memorial Mass gathering next weekend.

After all... you can NOT have an Italian gathering without a Rum Cake. It'd be a sin!


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