Thursday, August 27, 2015

365 Project - Day 239 - "Tears and Prayers"

August 27, 2015 - "Tears and Prayers"

What hurts more than one's own pains and sorrows?

Seeing those you love and care for hurting...
wishing there was something you could say or do that could make everything better for them...
and knowing that you can't.

Whether they are grieving the loss of a husband or wife... a father or mother... a brother or sister... a son or a daughter...

Whether they are hurting because of a situation they are stuck in which is pulling them downward and they just can't get out of it...

Whether the relationship they thought was "the one" has ended, and now they're left feeling lost...

Whether they're struggling with the pains of a physical ailment...

Whether they're unable to break away from an addiction that is slowly killing them and their relationships with those around them...

Whether they're struggling to get out of bed in the morning... wondering why the hell they should even bother trying anymore...

... it doesn't matter.

It's all the same.
It all hurts.
It's all pain.

And when all you're able to do is offer yourself as an open ear and a shoulder to cry on... well... it sucks.

It sucks not being able to ease the pains of the people you love.
It sucks to have to see them suffer... knowing that you can't make it all better for them.
It sucks having to constantly have to pray for help... begging for someone you love to finally get a break in life.
It sucks to cry into your pillow night after night after night wondering why the hell we all seem to be cursed and what it's going to take for it all to finally end.
It sucks.

So what do we do? What do we feel? What do we say?

We say that:

It will get easier... it just takes time. Sometimes a very long time.

He would want you to keep on living... to live your life to the fullest... to do what you know is the right thing for YOU.

Someday you WILL find the way to get out of that hole. Maybe not today... maybe not tomorrow... but someday.

Someday you will know what happiness is again.

Someday you will find "the one"...  and the two of you will have an incredible journey together.

Someday your body will become whole... and your pains will be lessened.

Someday you will have the strength to walk away and to start truly living your life.

Someday you will wake up and realize that "yes", this IS all really worth it...

... and when that day comes you will smile again...

... and I will smile again too.

*   *   *

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