Saturday, August 22, 2015

365 Project - Day 234 - "Brown Bears Playing (Bronx Zoo)"

August 22, 2015 - "Brown Bears Playing (Bronx Zoo)"

Today was spent at the Bronx Zoo.

It was a day of "ups" and "downs".

"Up" - Seeing my beautiful niece Liliana laughing and smiling and having fun during her first ever trip to the Bronx Zoo.

"Down" - My wife Holly taking a tumble before we even got to the gates... spraining her ankle and ending up in a wheelchair for the entire day.

"Up" - Having fun with Holly in the wheelchair... threatening to let her go while we were heading downhill so she could slam into a rather large butt that was in front of us.

"Down" - Pushing the wheelchair uphill.

"Up" - Spending the day with family.

"Down" - They ran out of vanilla soft-serve.

All-in-all it was a great day... and Holly's little tumble got her a few free tickets to come back to the Zoo again before the year ends. When we do come back I'm wrapping her up in bubble-wrap though... to prevent any injuries.


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