Wednesday, May 13, 2015

365 Project - Day 133 - "A Boy's Mementos"

May 13, 2015 - "A Boy's Mementos"

Last night was tough. I spent a good chunk of time alone at my brother Peter's frame shop... just me and my thoughts and a bit of music by "The Temptations" playing in the background. It's very hard to be there... especially alone. Once again, I broke down.

Soon after my sister-in-law and two of my nieces arrived and joined in the process of preparing things for the liquidation sale we'll be having. Not long after that my brother Kenny arrived with his daughter and her friend. It was very tough for him, because it was his first time in the shop since Peter passed away... and the shop is where it all happened.

Eventually my wife Holly and my son Brandon arrived to help out and to pick me up when I was ready to leave. My sister-in-law told Brandon that he could take whatever frame samples he wanted from the walls to keep as a memento (this was something he had expressed to her earlier). He immediately went for the samples shown in today's photo. I knew those were the ones he would take... as the last time we visited Peter at the shop he was showing Brandon those frames, and Brandon thought they were so cool... he started sketching their designs in his sketchbook. They're an instant reminder of Uncle Peter... and now they will hang on his bedroom wall. A constant reminder of a truly amazing man.

Little-by-little everyone left the shop... until only Holly, Brandon and I remained. I closed everything up... turned off the lights... headed for the door... and completely lost it again.

I know that people say "it will get better" and "it will get easier". Maybe so. The only thing I know for sure is that I will NEVER truly get over this.

I will never get over this.

*   *   *

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