Tuesday, May 12, 2015

365 Project - Day 132 - "Abstract (Air Conditioner)"

May 12, 2015 - "Abstract (Air Conditioner)"

It has been hot. Really freakin' hot.

I don't know what the actual temperature has been outside... but inside our house the thermostat and thermometers have been reading in the 80˚-85˚ range... and that's with windows open and lots of fans on.

So last night we headed to our storage unit to pull out the big AC unit for our living room... got home... put it in the window and cranked that baby up.

Things are much, much better now!

Unfortunately we still need to buy two more air conditioners: one for our bedroom and one for our son's bedroom. The ones we had took their final breaths last year. Our daughter still has a good one in her room though... so she's the lucky one lately.

Usually we don't see this kind of weather here until later in May or sometimes even early June. It appears we have skipped Spring and gone right into Summer!

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