Monday, April 6, 2015

365 Project - Day 96 - "Plans That Will Not Happen"

April 06, 2015 - "Plans That Will Not Happen"

This is a list my brother Peter gave to me.

Peter has been a picture framer for many, many years... and was incredible at his job. I used to work with him as a framer in an art gallery in Greenwich, CT many moons ago. It was always his dream to eventually open his own Frame Shop and Gallery. At times we even talked about the possibility of doing that together... but I was never able to, financially and couldn't commit to it health-wise. Last year Peter finally achieved his dream and opened an amazing frame shop called "Peter's Art of Framing" in Stamford, CT.

Even while he was still in the process of planning that business, he was constantly asking me for some of my photos to sell in the gallery. We talked about it many, many times. We had big plans for it. He was going to do some really awesome framing on some of them. Others were going to be printed on sheets of metal, with a cool floating frame. Others were going to be printed in blocks of acrylic as stand-alone pieces. We had so many ideas... so many plans...

This list he gave me not long ago... and it has been folded up in my wallet ever since. It's a list he wrote of the first group of my photos that he wanted me to consider letting him sell in the shop.

It was our plan. It was our goal. It was our dream. And now it can never happen.

Today is my brother's Wake. Tomorrow is his Funeral Mass.

(I really miss my brother!)

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