Sunday, April 5, 2015

365 Project - Day 95 - "From My Brother"

April 05, 2015 - "From My Brother"

It's Easter Sunday, and while much of the world hunts for eggs and bites the ears off of chocolate bunnies, I'm sitting at my computer writing the Eulogy for my brother's Funeral Mass.

Maybe I'll load up on Peeps until I get a "sugar high" and just sort of float my way through the day!

I don't know.

Last night I went for a haircut because, well, I needed a freakin' haircut... but anyway, I went for a haircut and as soon as I sat down the stylist asked me how things were going and whether or not I had any special plans for Easter. In a split-second-of-thought I decided not to mention what was going on... that I had just lost my brother and actually had a funeral to go to and such - but instead to just go along with the conversation. We talked about Easter... we talked about kids... we talked about how much different things are from when we were in high school, back before the internet and e-mail and cellphones and social media and such. We just talked and talked about such things while she cut my hair... and when I walked away from her chair, it just felt so good to have had that. To have had a moment where I didn't have to talk about the hell that my family and I are going through right now.

It was a nice moment of peace!

Then we came home... had several glasses of wine... and stayed up until about 2AM sharing stories and memories and happy-ness.

And for a brief moment, life was good again.

*   *   *

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