Saturday, April 25, 2015

365 Project - Day 115 - "Drawing on the Past"

April 25, 2015 - "Drawing on the Past"

I used to draw a lot. Every day I would draw or sketch something. Then it turned into "once a week"... then "once a month"... then "once every six months"... then... well... you get the idea.

When my brother Kenny started tattooing I started to draw again, supplying him with tattoo ideas and such. It felt good to be working again... and, for a time, I was seriously considering taking up tattooing myself. I actually did tattoo Kenny once... a heart with a banner going across it with his daughter's name on it. Right on his chest. It wasn't "bad" for a very first tattoo... but then again, it wasn't that "good" either. I believe he has since had it "cleaned up" by a real tattoo artist.

Years passed and I found myself able to draw less and less. At first work got in the way... I just didn't have the drive to sit and draw after working all day. Then it became something else... a persistent tremor in my right hand, which prevented me from drawing or even writing.

As most of you already know, last year that tremor was diagnosed as Parkinson's Disease. The meds they put me on made a HUGE difference. I wasn't sluggish anymore... the swing was back in my arms when I walked... my reflexes were better... and, of course, the tremor lessened. My handwriting got "better"... not great... and it tends to be very inconsistent, but at least I "can" write again. Drawing, on the other hand, has been a much tougher thing to regain control of. I'll start - and I'll be doing fine for a bit - but then I just lose control of the pencil or pen. It sucks!

I recently sat down to draw up a tattoo in memory of my brother Peter. I was only able to get through the drawing because it used rulers and circle templates. Filling in the drawing was a bit of a pain-in-the-ass... but I got through it, and it felt wonderful! Kenny tattooed it on me just a couple of days later.

Still, it felt good to be drawing something again! It's something I need to push myself to do more... to try to regain for myself.

We'll see.

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