Thursday, April 11, 2013

I've Pissed...

*   *   *

I’ve pissed in the Chelsea in the shadow of Smith and Mapplethorpe

I’ve pissed in Grant Park in the dark Chicago night

I’ve pissed in the White House while Reagan was out for the day

I’ve pissed while LCD Soundsystem played the hits.

I’ve pissed while looking out over the entire city.

I’ve pissed while hiding beneath the front stoop, as a blonde took photos.

I’ve pissed in Grand Central, as a bum offered to help for a dollar.

I’ve pissed like a bum in Tompkins Square Park.

I’ve pissed in the proverbial tub of life during a rather low moment.

I’ve pissed in the sink, during a rather wonderful high.

I’ve pissed in the Buddhist temple where I did not find Nirvana.

I’ve pissed next to a Monet… and after gliding my fingers across the drips of a Pollock.

I’ve pissed all over the place – marking where I’ve been.

I’ve pissed a lot… and shall continue pissing for years to come…

… after all, I haven’t pissed at Graceland… yet.

*   *   *

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