Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I _____"

I AM - an Artist-Writer-Thinker-Human.
I WILL - create change.
I WON'T - be broken.
I DON'T - have the answers.
I THINK - therefore I could Be.
I SHOULD - therefore I won't. (Don't do it because you "should"... do it because you want to.)
I COULD - because I "know"
I WOULD - but it is easier to come up with excuses for why I "can't".
I LOOK - for the beautiful... and find it in "unexpected" places.
I HEAR - everything.
I HURT - but others can't/don't/won't see it.
I LOVE - being.
I HATE - that I have felt hatred.
I FEAR - not being able to Dream.
I HOPE TO - experience.
I CRAVE - passion.
I NEED - rejuvenation.
I FEEL - as if I've been in a vacuum-sealed pouch... but still able to see the outside.
I REGRET - allowing myself to feel that way.
I CARE - far more than you think I do.
I AM ALWAYS TRYING TO - create the mask which hides how I care/feel/hurt/etc.
I LISTEN TO - the music within... and do my best to free it.
I HIDE - under my mask-blanket... on the floor... in the dark... with only my thoughts.
I SING - my heart-song.
I WRITE - to free myself of my thoughts.
I PLAY - to live.
I MISS - the creative drive I once had.
I LEARN - in order to explore all possible paths... to re-evaluate my route... double-check my bearings... and make sure that the journey I take is the proper one for me - now.
I'LL ALWAYS - love.
I WILL BE - faithful.
I SAY - many things I shouldn't... many things I do not mean...
I DON'T THINK - just to annoy you.
I LOVE TO - gather with friends and share in a wonderful moment in time.
I WORRY - when I shouldn't. And such worrying holds me back.
I CAN'T STAND - still. Sometimes I feel like a shark that will suffocate if it stops moving.
I LOST - a sense of my Self for a while.
I DANCE - because the music moves me.
I BELIEVE - in the power of feelings (that - good or bad - we attract that which we focus on).
I KNOW - I can.
I HOPE - I will.
I FELL - for Holly the moment I saw her. And that isn't just some cheesy story-book line!
I ALWAYS - give an honest answer/thought/opinion - to those who ask it of me.
I WISH - I could leave this heap of old swords by the side of the road, and walk on... without having to worry about them cutting me all of the time.
I CRY - when I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the moment.
I HAVE - everything I truly need... within me.
I SEE - the possibilities.
I WANT - to smile knowingly and contentedly.

*   *   *

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