Tuesday, August 28, 2012

366 Project - Day 241 - "The Cameras I Use..."

August 28, 2012 - "The Cameras I Use..."

I'm often asked "How many cameras do you have?". I usually respond with "I don't know!". 

The real answer really depends on the details of the question. "How many cameras do I own?" or "How many cameras do I actually use?"

This photo is of the cameras I actually use regularly... and there are 14 of them. This doesn't include the camera on my iPhone (which actually took this photo) or the camera on my iPad which I sometimes use.

In addition to these I own around 6 to 10 "historical cameras" which may or may not work... but regardless, I don't use them at all. They're just part of the collection... decorating the living room.

So here they are... the 14 cameras I actually use. And I'm always "in the process of buying another". Next up will be either a Leica X1 or X2. After that will be the (not yet released) Canon EOS M. After that? I don't know... possibly a Canon EOS 5D Mark III or a Canon 6D (which right now is just a rumored camera). We'll see!

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To see the details on which camera is which - view the photo on Flickr and hover over each camera...


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