Tuesday, March 20, 2012

366 Project - Day 80 - "Self Portrait with Leica"

March 20, 2012 - "Self Portrait with Leica"

Unfortunately I've fallen behind with my "52 Weeks" self-portrait project. I've missed a couple of shots from the time-period when my computer was out-of-service. I didn't use any of my digital cameras during that period, because I wouldn't be able to do anything with the images... so I was using my iPhone instead, so I could easily upload my shots. It was great at first... then it became frustrating... and somewhere amongst that frustration I seem to have forgotten all about my "52 Weeks" project, while focusing on my "366 Project".

So... it's time to play "catch-up"!

And here it is... my first self-portrait using the newest of my digital cameras.


* * *

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