Saturday, January 7, 2012

366 Project - Day 07 - "Caught on Film"

January 07, 2012 - "Caught on Film"

One of my personal projects for 2012 is to shoot (at least) one roll of film per week. Whether it's Black & White... or Color... Whether it's 35mm... or 120/Medium Format... or Pack-film in one of my vintage Polaroid land cameras... At least one roll of film per week... every week... for one full year.

So, today I did just that!

I loaded up my Canon "New F-1" with a 36-exposure roll of Kodak Professional Black & White film (ISO 400) - and went out "exploring".

First stop - an abandoned greenhouse, formerly part of a flower shop.

Snap... Snap... Click... Click.

Second stop - an abandoned factory and warehouse.

Snap... Snap... Click... Click.

And to finish it off - a stop by the natural foods store where I work...

Snap... Snap... Click... Click...

The last stop including taking this photo of my daughter, while standing in front of the store.

Roll finished... head to the photo lab where they were surprised to see someone coming in with "film".

An intense workout at the gym while the lab worked on the records of my day... then swing by to pick up the photos.

In my opinion, "Film" = "Magic"!!!

And "Life" = "Good"!!!

* * *

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