Sunday, January 1, 2012

366 Project - Day 01 - "Saying Goodbye"

January 01, 2012 - "Saying Goodbye"

Today I am saying goodbye to 2011... and welcoming 2012 with open arms!

Tossing out the last remnants of what proved to be a VERY challenging year for me... with far more "downs" than "ups"... and very much looking forward to all of the wonderful possibilities that 2012 brings!

I have quite a few projects planned for this year...

* To complete my third consecutive year of the "365 Project" (now the "366 Project", since 2012 is a Leap Year) - without missing a single day.

* To shoot at least one roll of film per week... using a different camera each month.

* To complete my first "52 Weeks" project: One self portrait per week, every week for one year.

* To complete several specific photo projects/themes I've had in mind for quite a while now, and have been putting off.

* To have another solo show/exhibition.

Those are just a few of the photography-based plans I have for 2012... and I have quite a few others as well.

I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a phenomenal year... filled with blessings... and much creativity!

I hope that yours will be as well!


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Holly Pia said...

Incredible photo my love! Looking forward to a year of achieving goals and dreams with you.