Sunday, September 18, 2011

365 Project - Day 261 - "On the Farm(s)"

September 18, 2011 - "On the Farm(s)"

Today was a "Farm Day".

Spent the day traveling to three of the farms that supply the natural foods store where I work.

First... Rowland Farms in Oxford, which supplies us with amazing Heirloom Berkshire Pork.

Second... Sepe Farm in Sandy Hook, which supplies us with the best damn lamb I've ever tasted!

And third... Stonewall Dairy Farm in Cornwall, which supplies us with Raw Milk and Farm-Fresh Eggs.

I was there to take photos of the farms... the animals... and the farmers. These photos will be posted all around the store... to help "put a face" to the food... and to the farmers that bring the food to YOU.

I took just under 700 photos today... and have quite a bit of "digital darkroom" work ahead of me.

But... of course... it wasn't all work today. I managed to take quite a few shots that were really more for me than for the store...

... including this one - a close-up of the beautiful coat on one of the breeding sheep at Sepe Farm.

An absolutely beautiful September day...

Spent on three wonderful farms...

... with amazingly wonderful people!

Life is good!

* * *

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