Tuesday, February 22, 2011

365 Project - Day 53 - "ER"

February 22, 2011 - "ER"

Spent most of the day in the ER today.

My right hand has been "cold" since Friday. This morning it switched from "cold" to "cold and numb" to "cold and numb with pins and needles".

Then my forearm started to go numb... then more pins and needles.

Then my upper arm.

Then shooting bursts of pain throughout my arm... ending in my fingers.

Then no feeling in my hand.

Tried to write... but my thumb and forefinger couldn't control the pen... so it just came out as scribbled gibberish.

Called the doctor... and he said to get to the ER immediately.

Worried that with my heart history it might be clots... or a stroke.

Waiting in the ER.




Things are busy here today!

A man reeking of cigarettes comes in complaining that he can't breathe.

A pregnant woman comes in complaining that her ass hurts.

An old woman fell on Friday... but decided not to come in until today.

One of the downtown crack-hos comes in speaking all sorts of crazy... goes through triage... sits for a while... then runs out.

Holly arrives... and we wait.




They call us in... but there are no rooms or beds... so they put me on a gurney in the hallway.


A nurse comes... has me try to squeeze her fingers. Apparently I can do it find with my left hand... can't do it with my right.

She leaves... and we wait.

A woman down the hall is screaming.

An old woman in a bed near me starts complaining about how she doesn't need to go to a nursing home.

All hell breaks loose when a Trauma code gets called... and there are no free stretchers. Turns out a young girl was hit by a car after getting off a school bus. Some girl was talking on her cell phone while driving... and just hit her.

Doctors running around...

Lots paramedics...


Women wearing boots clicking their way down the hallway.

I'm still waiting...





Grab my iPhone and snap a few shots of the hallway.


Things begin to calm down a bit... and the doctor comes. Kind of cute... and with the same name as a famous broadway composer.

Checks me out... worried it might be a stroke, but not all of the signs are there.

Same squeeze test - can do it with my left hand... not my right.

Check... Test... Thought.

All signs point to nerve damage and inflammation.

Steroids and Muscle Relaxers...

Need to go to a specialist in two days for nerve testing.


Nurse comes to settle information, and hits my leg with the computer cart.

Have to sign the little computer thing... but can't seem to hold the pen right.



The ER is packed to the brim.

I need coffee...

... and rest.

* * *


Walk in the Woods said...

I hope you're feeling better and that your body recovers its harmony and balance.

Walk in the Woods said...

I just have to add … that I really dig the "sick" green-ish glow of this image ...