Thursday, February 10, 2011

365 Project - Day 41 - "Cornicello"

February 10, 2011 - "Cornicello"

In ancient times, the Cornicello was worn by followers of the Roman/Italian Goddess of the Moon. Some say that originally this was the Italic Goddess Mephites... and later the Goddess Diana (known as "Artemis" in Greece). Meant to resemble the curved horn of the African Eland (all horned animals were viewed as sacred to the Moon Goddess) - the Cornicello, which means "Little Horn" is traditionally carved from red coral (coral, coming from the ocean - whose tides are ruled by the Moon).

When Christianity took over, some began to associate the Cornicello with the Virgin Mary - a natural progression, as she took up the role of the Goddess to many Pagans.

Regardless of it's origin and associated deities, the Cornicello, or - more simply, "Corno" - has been worn by Italians for protection, and to ward off both the Evil Eye, and Evil Spirits for centuries.

Simple traditions... uniting new with old... present with past... descendant with ancestor.

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