Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365 Project - Day 39 - "Life Collage"

February 08, 2011 - "Life Collage"

One thing you might not know about me is that Photography is only a small part of how I express myself creatively. Long before taking up photography I was most likely to take up a sketching pencil... an ink pen... or a paint brush.

My favorite medium - other than Photography - would be mixed-media collage work (which, to me, also includes some found-object construction/sculpture). In fact, for a big chunk of my artistic life, Collage was my preferred medium... and I'd work on projects every single day, much as I do now using a camera and a laptop.

Graphite... Colored Pencils... Ink... Acrylic Paints... Photographs... Magazines... Newspapers... Found Objects - all found their way onto my work table... onto sheets of Bristol Board paper... or on the pages of hard-covered sketchbooks, where they'd be paired with poetry or essays (two more of my creative outlets).

And so tonight I find myself pouring through three such notebooks...

I find myself "remembering"...

... and asking myself "Why the hell did you stop doing this?".


I stopped shortly after the birth of our second child... using excuses such as "It's just too hard to find the time"... or "I simply don't have the 'oomph' to do it." (I was a full-time stay-at-home dad at that point... taking care of a toddler and an infant).

But those were just silly excuses.

Maybe it's time to change that.


* * *


Walk in the Woods said...

Yay for diversity in creative expression!

And while I'm at it ... Yay for diversity in life!

Vincent James Pia said...

Yaaaayyy!!! :-)