Saturday, January 8, 2011

365 Project - Day 8 - "No Place To Sit"

January 08, 2011 - "No Place To Sit"

Woke up to bad coffee. Very bad coffee. That means I've got to head in to work, even though it's my day off - to pick up some good coffee, to prevent this from happening again!

Went to the library... but couldn't find anything interesting. Decided to wander around the courtyard while Holly and the kids checked out their books. It's beautiful out here! Quiet... oddly warm... everything covered in snow... the holiday lights still up and twinkling. I could sit out here for hours... if there was actually someplace to sit, that is!

Books checked out... time to go. Head over to Molten Java. The place is packed, and there's no place to sit - which is pretty frustrating, because most of the people here aren't even buying drinks - they're just hanging out and taking up tables. So we grab a few drinks to go and head back out as quickly as we came.

A million thoughts are pouring through my mind on the drive home. Dreams... Plans... Hopes... Fears...

A million thoughts... making my brain hurt.

Need to sit down and figure things out...

... but there's still no place to sit.

* * *

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