Monday, January 3, 2011

365 Project - Day 3 - "(sick)"

January 03, 2011 - "(sick)"

I was right... I'm sick. Very sick.

Head pounding.

Throat fuzzy.

Nose stuffy.

Body achy.

Fever... Sweating... Soaked... Freezing.

I've been awake for hours. I'm starving and thirsty... but I can't get out of bed. Every time I try I get dizzy and black out.

So I lay there... for hours... waiting for Holly to get home.

Eventually I manage to crawl out to the bathroom... then to the kitchen... then to the couch - but that's it.

Exhausted. Can't talk. Can't move. Can hardly breathe.


I absolutely HATE being sick.

Holly gets home and makes me soup... pours me OJ... gives me medicine... helps me move.

After never missing a day of my 365 Project in 2010, I don't want to "lose" on the third day of 2011. Reach over to the table... grab my camera... turn it on... turn it around to point it at myself... press the shutter... and decide that whatever it captured would be today's image.

Crawl back into bed. Pray for sleep.

Day 3 is over.

* * *

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