Thursday, January 27, 2011



I have a rather large wooden Cross with a sliding top made of thin slices of a Mother-of-Pearl type material, upon which is the cast metal body of Christ and the INRI banner. The top slides off the body of the Cross... and snaps in to one end to stand upright. There are holders for candles and Rosary.

It belonged to my maternal-Grandmother... and my Grandfather had one which sort of matched it... though a little larger... and a little more "masculine". I was told by my Aunt that they had been a wedding gift to my Grandparents... though I do not know from whom. Still, that would make them somewhere around 75 years old.

I do not know why... but tonight while I was searching for an image, something told me to dig through the bottom drawer of my dresser where this and other relics are kept... and pull it out into the light.

So... with a smile and a fond memory or two, I did just that.


* * *

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