Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 Project - Day 2 - "Early Morning Waves"

January 02, 2011 - "Early Morning Waves"

Walking down 11th Ave. looking for food. End up at the Market Diner (11th Ave. between 43rd and 44th St.)

Expensive. Two eggs with bacon: $9.50. A fried egg sandwich without cheese or bacon: $6.75. Decide to skip food and just order a chocolate egg creme. After all... this is NYC, how could you go wrong with a Chocolate Egg Creme? Well... apparently you can. It sucked.

Everyone else in our group is talking and eating... and I notice the wall behind our booth making a wave pattern of light. Grab my camera... focus... snap... capture.

Leave the diner... try to grab a cab, but none will take us because we are five. Walk to Times Square to catch the 1-Train. Subway to 23rd Street... I'm starving. Head straight to Chelsea Papaya (23rd St. and 7th Ave). Two dogs and fresh Papaya Juice for $4.25. That's more like it! There's a homeless man sleeping standing up in the corner... his head keeps bobbing down and hitting the pump top of the mustard dispenser, squirting a little out each time. Chow down on my dogs... and make our way back to the Chelsea.

Decide it's too early to head "home"... after all, it's only somewhere around 3AM. Head to Jake's Saloon (23rd Street between 7th & 8th) for a pint. Turns out the bartender lives in Stamford, next to Cove Beach. Talk with him for a while about Stamford and Connecticut.

The rest of our group decides to head back to the hotel... but Holly and I linger a while. Finish our drinks... then wander around the city. Misty rain... quiet... warm. Stop at a store to buy some Dipsy Doodles and bottled water. Head back to the Chelsea.

Get into our room... which is hot. Open the window... and I sit on the window sill for a while... looking out over the rooftops at the New York night. We're high up... 60 or 70 feet... with nothing preventing me from falling out. No screen... no bars... no nothing. Strange thoughts of possibilities fill my mind. I sit there for an eternity before heading to bed.

No sleep. Noise. Around 4:30 or 5:00AM there was a big fight in a room upstairs. Lots and lots of screaming. Someone beating the crap out of someone else. Women crying. Men yelling. Things being smashed. Someone pulled out a gun. No shots fired... just lots of yelling to "Put the gun away!". Metal crashing down the main stair-case. I just want to sleep... but it isn't happening. The bed is too damn hard!

Sunlight gets us out of bed. Check-out at 11AM. Sharing Dipsy Doodles in the lobby before catching a subway down to The Village. Brunch at Life Café (10th St. and Ave. B) for several hours. Pints of Champagne (yes... I said "pints")... and our wonderful waitress Annie, who lovingly called us all Buttholes and ended up with a $40 tip.

Sophie's Bar (5th St. Between A & B) for an hour or so. Pints of Guinness. Conversation. Pickle Back Shots (the most awesome shots in the world!)

Trash & Vaudeville where Ashley bought her first pair of Dr. Marten's (an awesome pair of matte white highs). Ray's Pizza (St. Mark's and 3rd Ave) for some Ziti Pizza before heading over to the market next to Zacky's on Broadway. New hat... some laughter.

Catch the subway back to the Chelsea to pick up our bags... then two cabs to Grand Central (my cab started to pull away as I was putting my suitcase in the back).

An hour to kill at GCT before the train leaves. Pretzels... Crossword Books... NY Times...

Long journey home. Fuzzy throat feeling and stuffy nose.

I think I'm getting sick.

* * *

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