Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Project - Day 1 - "Gogol Bordello"

January 01, 2011 - "Gogol Bordello"

New Year's Day.

New York City.

Staying at the Chelsea Hotel, again. Check-in... then head over to the Garage Flea on 25th street. Buy a 1950s 35mm Argus C3 "Brick" Rangefinder camera in great condition. Vendor had it marked $22. I was going to offer $20 but before I could get the words out he said "I'd do $18". Sold.

Lunch at a great little deli before heading back to the Chelsea for a bit. Subway down to 14th Street... then head over to Alphabet City. Many (many) drinks at Sidewalk Café on Avenue A.

Catch a cab across from Tompkins Square. As I go to get in the cab a group of kids throw a snowball at the back of my head and scream "FAGGOT". I turn and start to go after them, but Holly makes me stop and get in the car.

Taxi up to Terminal 5 - where I get my crotch groped at the door as part of the pat-down.

No band playing when we get in. We've missed the very first band... but arrive in time to see Man Man. Layout at Terminal 5 absolutely sucks. Crowded... next to impossible to see. We head upstairs hoping for a better view - but no. You can't see... and are forced to watch the show on a blurry flat-screen hanging from the ceiling. Man Man plays an OK set. Gogol Bordello comes on... but we can't see a damn thing. There's no way I paid $40 to watch one of my favorite bands on a crappy TV!

Head downstairs and work my way through the crowd until I'm fairly close to the stage, but just outside of pit-range.

Gogol Bordello. Gypsy Punk.

The setlist?

1. Tribal Connection
2. Not a Crime
3. Wonderlust King
4. My Companjera
5. Last One Goes the Hope
6. Trans-Continental Hustle
7. Immigraniada
8. Break the Spell
9. Raise the Knowledge
10. When Universes Collide


11. American Wedding
12. Untitled
13. Pala Tute
14. Start Wearing Purple
15. Break the Spell (Reprise)

Encore #2:

16. Sun Is On My Side
17. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
18. Mishto!
19. Sacred Darling

Encore #3:

20. Alcohol

Awesome concert. Awesome New Year's Day.

Leave Terminal 5... it's already Sunday morning. Long journey back to the Chelsea... but first a break for some food.

(Life is good!)

* * *

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