Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Project - Day 365 - "New Year"

December 31, 2010 - "New Year"

A simple shot to end this project... Black Eyed Peas for the New Year.

Eating Black Eyed Peas on New Year's Day is a tradition dating back to the time of the Civil War, here in the U.S. - and much earlier in other parts of the world. It is thought to bring prosperity and luck in the coming year.

For our family it has been a tradition to eat them every New Year's Day for well over a decade now. We cook them up in a spicy Southern dish known as "Hoppin' John".

We've only missed eating them on New Year's Day once - in 2003. That year turned out to be the single-worst year in our family's short history. We lost a beloved family member... had a car accident which resulted in our car being totaled... bought a new car, only to have the engine die a few months later... our daughter got very sick with a major stomach bug that lasted over a week, then got sick again during the summer... I suffered three (yes three) concussions during the course of the year... and - to top it all off, we had a fire in our house on Hallowe'en night which destroyed 95% of our belongings and kept us out of our home for several months until all of the damage could be restored.

New Year's 2004 we made sure we all ate a double-serving of Black Eyed Peas... and went on to have one of our best years ever!

We haven't missed another year since!

So... tonight I'm wrapping up my 365 Project for 2010 with a simple shot of the Black Eyed Peas I'm about to cook up in a big pot of Hoppin' John - while wishing for a prosperous 2011.

Day 365... the final day of my project... and I can't tell you how incredible it feels to have gotten through this entire project without missing a single day and without having to "cheat" at all! It has been an amazing journey and an amazing year! I can't wait to see what the next one brings!

Happy New Year everyone!


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Walk in the Woods said...

Well done, good sir - this 365 project of yours! And absolute best wishes to you - and yours - this year - and always!


Vincent James Pia said...

Thank you very muchly, Miss Rose!

And to you as well! :-)

Walk in the Woods said...

Thanky, thanky! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

BTW … had black-eyed pea soup tonight! I give myself a week to get to the traditions!