Sunday, July 25, 2010

365 Project - Day 206 - "(My) Tree"

July 25, 2010 - "(My) Tree"

This is "my" tree...

Father Pine.

Since the moment I first saw this tree over 17 years ago, I've felt a deep-rooted connection with it.

I've spent countless hours sitting at the base of his trunk.

I've had afternoon picnics with the first girl I've ever truly been in love with, under his branches.

I've come to him to celebrate highs as well as lows...

My tears have fallen upon him after arguments...
after a break-up...
after losses of loved ones...
after losses of jobs...
after I had my heart attack.

I've performed rituals under his cloaking protection in the middle of the night under the Full Moon.

I've been sheltered by him during a snow-storm.

I feel his heartbeat...

It is the same as mine.

I've left countless offerings amongst his branches...

... and received countless blessings in return.

Some day this cycle of life will come to an end for me... and my body will become a pile of ash... part of which will be scattered at his feet.

Father Pine.

My tree.

My home.

(Life is good)

* * *

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