Wednesday, July 21, 2010

365 Project - Day 202 - "Yes-Yes"

July 21, 2010 - "Yes-Yes"

"Ouija"... From the French "Oui" and the German "Ja" - both meaning "Yes" - so it literally means "Yes-Yes".

Most American's call it a "Wee-Gee Board"... but it's technically pronounced "Wee-yah".

But that's besides the point.

My Ouija board... A gift to me from my grandmother on my 16th birthday. She asked me what I wanted... and I told her I wanted a Ouija board but my mom said no to it... so she sent me the money to buy one.

Many nights were spent using the board... though it has been years since I used it last. Actually, now that I think of it... I don't think I've used it at all since Holly and I have been together... so it has been at least 14 years!

The board has survived a lot! It has been with me through no less than a half-dozen changes of address. The backside of it was once vandalized by a friend who thought that any form of "fortune telling" was the work of the devil. It was one of the few things that was salvageable from our living room after a house fire on Samhain 2003. Somewhere along the line it's planchette lost it's clear disk/window... never to be found again. Still... the board is here... with it's box... and, for some reason has made it's way to our dining room from a long stint in the depths of our "junk room" (aka - "The Office" - aka "The Extra Bedroom").

Actually... I'm very aware of the reason. I've begun to study Spiritualism and Mediumship... and while walking past the junk-room doorway I noticed the edge of it's box poking out from a stack of recently moved stuff. I felt a need to pull it out... but no urge to use it. Yet.

We'll see.


We'll see.

* * *

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