Thursday, June 24, 2010

365 Project - Day 175 - "Nicko"

June 24, 2010 - "Nicko"

Music means the world to me. My iPod and I are inseparable... It's practically a part of me!

My favorite band, by far, is Iron Maiden. Since I was a little kid sharing a room with an older brother who had their posters plastering the wall... their music has been a part of my life.

I'm also a drummer... and my favorite drummer, by far, is Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain. He's known as "The fastest foot in the business". Why? He can play the bass drum faster than 90% of the double-bass drummers out there. The thing is, he doesn't use a double-bass drum... nor does he use a double-bass pedal. He plays one bass drum... with one pedal. His foot is just THAT fast! Add to the fact that he's almost 60 years old now and still plays 2 and 3 hour shows without breaks (whereas much younger drummers, like Metallica's Lars Ulrich frequently have to pause after 2 or 3 songs and go off stage for water and oxygen)... and yep... Nicko McBrain is by-far the best out there!

In just a little over two weeks I'll be going to see Iron Maiden on their "Final Frontier" tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City. OK... maybe that in-and-of-itself isn't that big of a deal... since this won't be my first time seeing Maiden in concert. But it WILL be my kids first time seeing them!

Yep... that's right... my wife and I are taking our kids to their very first concert... Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden.

The thought of this just makes me so excited! The last time Maiden was "in town" my wife and I went... and the kids were mad at us for not taking them with us. Well... this time they get to go and see one of the greatest bands of all-time performing one of the greatest shows in all of heavy metal.

But I'm getting ahead of myself! For now I'll just grab my iPod and blast some Maiden albums as I drift off to sleep, focussing on Nicko's drumming.

Life IS good!

* * *

The image? A little still-life I accidentally created while cleaning today. My Nicko McBrain autograph paired up with a set of his signature Vic Firth drumsticks, resting on the "Number of the Beast" vinyl that my kids got me for Christmas last year.

* * *

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