Thursday, May 27, 2010

"365 Project" - Day 147 - "The Spot"

May 27, 2010 - "The Spot"

This is "The Spot".

The exact spot in the hallway at Danbury High School where I first met my future wife, Holly.

I had seen her before... many times while on my way to classes... but I didn't know who she was.

I couldn't take it anymore... I had to meet her. So one day while on my way to art class I stopped her in the hallway at this exact spot... and told her that I just needed to know who she was.

She was wearing a brown jacket... her hair was long, and beautiful and tied back with a brown leather hair band. She had these eyes... and this smile... and...

and that was that!

The beginning.

And that was almost 17 years ago!

Next month we'll celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.

Life IS good!

* * *