Thursday, March 4, 2010

"365 Project" - Day 63 - "The Thin Ice of Modern Life?"

Mar. 04, 2010 - "The Thin Ice of Modern Life?"

On may way back home from putting my son on the school bus this morning, I notice a paper-thin layer of ice stretching across the rainwater filling one of our planters by the front door. Leaves poke through... light shimmers... ripples move underneath as a cold breeze blows.

Absolutely beautiful to me!

I hear birds singing for the first time in months. Spring is coming... and soon this planter will be overflowing with greenery.

But not yet.

For now the ice has it's day... hiding the soil... holding the new life within. But it is a thin ice... and the "Call to Life" will always prevail!

Life IS good!

* * *


Walk in the Woods said...

Love it. It's pure design (to me) - texture creating the composition.

Vincent James Pia said...


Isn't nature wonderful!?! :-)

Walk in the Woods said...

sure is!