Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"365 Project" - Day 48 - "Cigarette Break"

Feb. 17, 2010 - "Cigarette Break"

Ahh... the Holiday Diner!

When I think of specific places which have played a large role in my life - only a few really jump out at me. Seattle Espresso... Slopey Rock... the Holiday Diner.

There was a time when I was here every day.

And there was a time - right after it was sold - that I refused to come here at all. But I couldn't stay away for long.

I've had "first dates" here...

... and "last dates" too.

I've spent countless hours here writing in journals while drinking gallons of coffee.

Holly and I first told people of our engagement, here.

My daughter spoke her first words here.

Good friends have been met here.

And tonight - I find myself here again... awaiting the arrival of two of my best friends - for a group dinner...

... and as I wait I snap photos of the quiet of the diner.

Holly doing a crossword puzzle...

My daughter doing her math homework...

My son reading a book about the ocean...

The waitress delivering coffee...

A man outside the window, taking a cigarette break.

I look around at all that surrounds me... and think of all that this place has seen... all that I have shown it.

And I smile... and gulp down yet another cup of coffee.

* * *

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Walk in the Woods said...

This image inspired me to consider the technical challenges of producing a quality photo - like getting white whites, black blacks and all the variations in between. Nicely done! Ansel would approve, methinks. :)