Sunday, January 31, 2010

"365 Project" - Day 31 - "The Drive Home"

Jan 31, 2010 - "The Drive Home"

Driving home from Rhode Island. Sun is only a light glow behind the hills far off on the western horizon. Wilco plays on the radio. Kids play their Nintendo DSs in the backseat. Large cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee are sipped in the front seat. We roll along.

I look down... and see my red Chucks turned black in the glow of the green light bars illuminating the footwells from under the dash.

Grab my camera and point it down... focus... snap... catch.

Return to the world outside the windshield...

I love the hum of the American highway!

* * *


Walk in the Woods said...

Ya know what I dig about this image? There's MOVEMENT in it ... movement in the feet, the shoes, seemingly at rest ... movement of sunset, movement of American highway. Nicely done!

Vincent James Pia said...

Thank you very muchly! :-)