Thursday, January 28, 2010

"365 Project" - Day 28 - "Self Portrait #1"

Jan. 28, 2010 - "Self Portrait #1"

It was suggested to me that I include - as part of this whole "365 Project" thing - a monthly self portrait. Apparently it's a pretty common component in 365s done by other photographers.


So here's the first one for me. The weather had me stuck inside today... so I decided to seize the opportunity and try to get some painting in. I've had a HUGE canvas waiting on my easel for a while... and figured today was as good a day as any to finally attack it. I put on the soundtrack to AVATAR... cranked it up pretty loud... and started my paint-flinging session.

Then it hit me that this was the perfect opportunity to get in the first self portrait photo. I set up the tripod... mounted the camera... aimed... focused... and set the timer. The music was loud - so there was no way that I could hear the countdown alarm on the camera. I had no idea when the shutter would fire. I just went over to the canvas and started painting again... and after a while went to see what the camera "caught".

And this is it.

The first of my monthly self portrait photos.

* * *

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Walk in the Woods said...

Love this image and looking forward to seeing 11 more self-portrait themes!