Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Falling into my Harvest

* * *

I'm scared shitless.

Strapped "securely" in my seat... third row from the end of the train. We start to move forward with a rather awkward jerk... and begin the slow climb up to the 220 foot high dropping point.

To our left... the Connecticut River...

To our right... acres upon acres of people waiting in lines... drinking ICEEs... applying sunblock... spinning around in circles... screaming on rides.

Almost a minute after leaving the station we reach the top of the hill... and this is when I realize that sitting in the back of that second-to-last car was a bad idea...

a really, REALLY bad idea.

We make our way over - and I can't see the track at all! Unlike the people in the first few cars... I have no idea what lies ahead until we're already well into it. A 71-degree drop... at over 75mph...

and just like that I'm having one of those "OH SHIT!" moments!

Yes... this is my very first time on any sort of a "mega-coaster". Up until now the biggest coaster I've ever been on is "Space Mountain" in Disney World. My fear of heights has kept me off all others I've been presented with over the years.

But today is about conquering fears... right?

It isn't the highest roller-coaster in the world... nor is it the fastest. (At 456-feet high with a top speed of 128mph, both of those records are held by "Kingda Ka" at Great Adventure in New Jersey) Yet "Superman: Ride of Steel" at Six Flags New England has been consistently rated one of the "Top Five Steel Coasters in the World" since it opened in 2000. It has been rated No. 1 in the world most of those years... including 2007 (the 2008 results aren't out yet). Why? Mainly due to the "air time"... those moments of negative-Gs that send your stomach up towards your throat - which coaster fanatics crave. It might not be the highest... fastest... or longest coaster in the world - but "Superman: Ride of Steel" is generally viewed as being "the most exciting".

(NOTE: There are other parks with "Superman" roller-coasters... in fact almost every Six Flags has one - but most of them are "Superman: Ultimate Flight" or "Superman: Krypton Coaster" - and those are entirely different from "Superman: Ride of Steel" - which can ONLY be found at Six Flags New England).

No... I didn't scream.

No... I didn't close my eyes.

No... I didn't let go of the lap bar.

Yes - I swore that I was going to fly out of the car and land, very hard - upon the ground... each and every time we crested a hill and hit one of those air-time moments...

and YES - I smiled the ENTIRE time!

A year ago I wouldn't have even been able to look at that ride without getting a vertigo moment of nausea... forcing me to turn around.

Yet here I was... enjoying every last second of the over 2-minute-long ride!

What changed?


Every last thing!

And in that moment... I knew - that the Seed I had planted back in Spring had grown to a ripe and very sweet fruit indeed!

Change had arrived. Perhaps it had done so gradually... and unnoticed - yet now - at 77mph... with the long hair of the girl sitting in front of me whipping my face every now and then - I realized once and for all that change had, indeed - arrived.

My Harvest is a truly bountiful one indeed!

(And now one more thing gets crossed off of my Bucket List!)

* * *

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