Friday, January 25, 2008

Falling Down

* * *

It finally happened...

And when it came, the snapping sound was deafening.

Grandma always said "Don't play in that tree."

It was old... and its branches were worn thin. They creaked with every breath of wind.

Still... how could you resist? It was there... asking to be climbed.

Besides... I'm OK up here. I've got a firm-footing.

"OK... but when you fall and break, I don't want to hear you crying."

(Don't worry... I won't. I won't be falling. I won't be breaking.)

So she walked back into the house... away from me...

And in that instant the wind blew hard...

And the branches creaked and moaned...

And with a snap,

I fell...

And I'm still...

Falling down.

* * *

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dust Circles

* * *

"OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!", he screams.

But she will not hear him...

and just stands there smiling... 

bopping her head to the music pouring from imaginary earphones of dreams...

eyes gazing right past him and everyone else in the room.

(For some reason the weight of his left hand becomes ten times heavier...
And it pulls him down to the floor, where he collapses at her feet.)

Unable to move he just gazes up at the ceiling...

Noticing the dust circle the ceiling fan has scattered around the popcorn finish.

He laughs at this... 

At some imagined symbolism there that we will never see.

She steps over him... 

and walks away... 


* * *

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Echoes of the Crows

* * *

He lies in bed listening to the yelling coming from outside of the room. The angry, annoyed yelling... and heavy-footed stomp-walk of a parent... waking him from a nighttime of escape.

(How is this any different from the life of 20 or 25 years ago?)

He hides... slipping off of the bed... sliding to that spot between the nightstand and the window...

Covering himself with a blanket...

Sobbing within, as he rocks back and forth trying to get the calm to return before the door opens and the light bulb blast scatters the shadows and brings about that moment of pretending nothing is bad here.

(Why does everything he hears seem to echo?)

(Memories of a quick moving cast iron pan... held by an angry hand - years ago)

Calm comes quickly. After all... he's an expert at it now. He knows the routine that gets him through the day with the least amount of discomfort.

Stepping into the bathroom, the cold tile shocks him when it meets his bare feet. He looks at himself in the mirror... checking to see if any remnants of the previous nights session remain.

(They do)

A quick rinse erases what he would never want you to see. A simple mask covers the rest.

He exits... 

Doing his best to hide the tremors...

Doing his best to quiet the voices...

Doing his best to pretend - for our sake.

Waiting for the moment when he returns to the alone...

And hears the echoing click of the dead-bolt cell-lock on the kitchen door.

Then he steps into the closet... and shuts the door. There he will hide until the buzzer goes off...

Immune to life...

Immune to Self...

Desperately trying to quiet the echoes of the Crows outside the window.

* * *

Friday, January 18, 2008

Want to play tag?

* * *

I've been tagged by the amazingly wonderful Rose:

* Link back to the person who tagged you.

* List three things that you believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful.

* Tag five others and comment at their blog informing them that they've been tagged with this award!

So, three things that make writing good and powerful.....

1. "Self". Writing is an expression. Writing is an art-form. And like all "true art" (as opposed to "commercial") - writing is always... in some way/shape/form - a "self portrait". My favorite authors are the ones who are able to put a touch of their true selves into their writing - even when the piece has nothing to do with them, per se. Your writing should come from YOU. It should be a reflection of YOUR CREATIVE MIND. It should never reflect someone else's ideal... or a mold that dictates "what sells".

2. "Passion". I'm not just copying Rose here (who also listed "Passion" as one of her three). Your work - regardless of how "simple" or "complex" it may seem to you - should ALWAYS reflect your passion for writing. Readers can tell whether or not you were feeling what you were writing. Readers can sense when you are just adding fill-in to meet some "deadline, be it real or imagined.

3. "Limitlessness". For me, powerful writing is writing that is not held back by any "conventional restrictions"... or bound by some pre-ordained form. Think "Dead Poets Society" here. (If you haven't seen it yet - I *order* you to go rent it right now! Go on! Go! I'll wait!). The decision of whether or not a work is "good" or "bad"... "right" or "wrong"... "powerful" or "weak" - cannot be graphed on some Pritchard Scale! There are no set guidelines to dictate what will be "good" or what will be "powerful"! Even my three components of "Self", "Passion" and "Limitlessness" - are just that... "MY" three components. I've read supposed best sellers that seemed to be lacking all three... but that was just my opinion - and, in the end - who the hell am I!?! Never limit your writing! Don't hold back! Write what you feel. Write what you see in your mind. Write YOUR story! And when others try to enter your mind or heart with their "red pens" - turn around and fart in their general direction!

I tag the following people whose writing I have read and been impressed by over the years... and whom I know have a passion for writing:






* * *